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Unlocking debtor value by effectively managing the risk

Elula uses meaningful risk management tools to assist you in the monitoring of your debtors.

Once off Risk Assessment and Interpretation:

Your debtor’s listing is provided to the credit bureau who will produce an assessment report that will rate each debtor in an appropriate category ranging from “Good” to “Poor” risks.
In conjunction with your debtor’s ageing, Elula will analyse the information drawing down the risks from highest to lowest and will recommend where necessary corrective measures to be taken as well as identifying those debtors who need to be reviewed. The comprehensive recommendations are provided to the client and discussed.

The holistic overview of your debtor’s risk categories enables rapid decision making and answers the following questions:

• Who are my top debtors, what are their risk profiles and who qualifies for higher limits;
• What is the concentration risk of the book;
• What is the overall risk of the book;
• Prioritize corrective measures and actions to be taken;
• Reduce risk exposure to risky debtors by enabling the refreshing of data for improved decision making;
• Reassessing scores on all clients on a continuous basis.

Ongoing monitoring of your Debtors:

Commercial triggers are a seamless and consistent mechanism to monitor changing information of existing customers, on both business and principal facets of an entity.

Debtor monitoring alerts enable you to proactively monitor positive and negative changes on your debtors that will assist in the decision-making processes which include corrective action relating to these debtors.

Facilitated by ELULA, Business Monitoring is a service offered by the Bureau to obtain updates on any changes on the debtors on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

There are over 35 triggers that are monitored and notified. There are also predictive triggers that can forecast potential future outcomes based on current data behavior.

Elula will monitor the alerts on your behalf by accessing the information and recommending corrective measures should it adversely affect your debtor. Not all alerts are necessarily adverse, as some are for information purposes only. Elula will identify the adverse alerts that requires action or further investigation. Positive alerts will also be highlighted. Feedback and comments can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis.


Customer verification

Assisting with the feeling of comfort before on-boarding of new customers.

Customer Information Verification:

Before a company extends credit to a new customer, it typically goes through a credit analysis to establish the debtor’s soundness and financial ability to pay.
As fraudulent transactions are always on the rise, it is imperative that a few important and basic checks be done before credit is extended on existing or new customers
ELULA is here to assist with the verification of debtor information by utilising various outside sources and verifying it against the information supplied by the debtor on the credit application form or purchase order.
The benefit of properly verifying debtor information before trading is not only to ensure that your business is dealing with a legitimate company or that the transaction is placed by the legitimate buyer, it also is very valuable and time saving in the event of a default when a debtor is to be contacted or sued for non-payment.
ELULA has developed a checklist to verify debtor information and to highlight certain red flags and will furnish you with a checklist of the information it was able to verify.

Credit Vetting and Limit Recommendations:

Elula utilises various reputable sources to provide you with meaningful and in-depth research on your customer, either new or existing, to accurately identify the debtor, to be comfortable with the risk and to assist in recognizing potential business growth opportunities.
We accomplish this by providing you with a comprehensive research report.
Each report will contain a summary of factual and important information checked and verified against the national regulatory body and the leading credit bureaus.
More in-depth investigations are done on your customer to give you better insight into their business, their financial soundness and reputational image in the market.
Elula will make personal contact with your customer, with your consent, by means of a site visit and/or telephonic or online interviews. Contact is also made with creditors in order to obtain trade references.
Elula will provide you with a limit recommendation which is based on updated and verified information and your risk is reduced because credit limit decisions are properly justified.

We are here to support you

management solutions

Elula provides a full and effective credit management solution tailor made for each client.

Depending on your requirements, Elula is able to tailor-make a solution fit for your business

to assist with various credit management functions such as:


  • Drafting a credit policy for your business; and/or
  • Checking and referring credit application forms, terms and conditions for legal opinion to ensure soundness and compliance; and/or
  • Setting up of debtor management meetings on behalf of the client, involving important role players; and/or
  • Establishing and setting up of an internal credit committee meeting where flagged debtors and high value credit limit decisions are discussed and agreed upon.


debt collection
and legal assistance

Elula uses meaningful risk management tools to assist you in the monitoring of your debtors.

Elula are partnered with a reputable and effective debt collection agent who can assist with the pre-legal collection of overdue debts. Elula can assist with advice and assistance prior to handing matters over for legal collection.

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